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Atelier, Ottawa » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Atelier, Ottawa

ATELIER, Ottawa, Ontario


Sebastian and Pinchy is a crab-and-lobster dish that you may find on the menu at Atelier. (Julia Pelish/Vacay.ca)

Chef/owner: Marc Lepine
Website: www.atelierrestaurant.ca.
Cuisine: Microgastronomy, Modern.
Telephone: 613-321-3537. Twitter:@MarcLepine
2015 Rank: 48. 
2014 Rank: 23.
2013 Rank: 4. 2012
5 (People's Choice Winner)
Price Range: $110
You Must Order: The menu changes daily. Dinner usually averages around three hours in length; there is a wine pairing available every evening ($60) of nine or 10 wines. The pairing is optional, and an extensive list of wines by the bottle and glass, as well as other drinks.
Need to Know … from food writer Taryn Hearn: “Atelier only has a tasting menu and emphasizes a ‘hypermodern’ approach. My experience is hit or miss. At times there are too many flavours on the plate that compete or a course seems to gimmicky (I wasn't a fan of the sticky, edible balloons). However, when the course is a hit, it is absolutely amazing. I had the best dessert of my life the first time I ate here. This restaurant has made me consider some ingredients differently. I also have to highlight the sommelier, Steve Robinson, who does a fantastic job of matching incredibly challenging meals. I'm not a fan of every course but I'm always interested in what's coming out next.

John Placko, Culinary Director of Modern Culinary Academy, says: “Precision in terms of flavour combinations, modernist techniques and skillful plating with a playful edge makes this a destination restaurant worth the drive.”

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