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Bouillon Bilk, Montreal » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Bouillon Bilk, Montreal

BOUILLON BILK, Montreal, Quebec

Chef: Francois Nadon
Website: www.bouillonbilk.com. Cuisine: French
Telephone: 514-845-1595. Twitter: @BouillonBilk
2015 Rank: 22 (new entry)
Price Range: $16-$34 for dinner menu
You Must Order: Duck breast ($31).
Need to Know … from Ross Munro of PEI Culinary Adventures: I love this place. First time there it was because of a quick text from Danny Smiles of Le Bremner. ‘Go there ... the guys will blow you away and you will love it. It's wood, steel and just kick-ass food,’ he said. The food is sensational, such amazing technique, bold flavours, sauces to die for and proteins that most chefs would be envious to eat. Skills all round!”

Food journalist Robert Beauchemin says: “For many memorable meals I have had there this year, it is one of my five favourites. In a way, a humble locale where the dishes take and get all the attention.”

Caroline Marchand of Dcouvertculinaire says: The food is delicate, beautiful and tastes extraordinarily good. You need to try the candy turkey poutine, even if you don't like poutine!”