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Club Chasse et Peche, Montreal » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Club Chasse et Peche, Montreal

 CLUB CHASSE ET PECHE, Montreal, Quebec

Chef: Claude Pelletier
Website: www.leclubchasseetpeche.comCuisine: French.
Telephone: 514-861-1112. Twitter: None.
2015 Rank: 16. 2014 Rank: 26
Price Range: Prices range from $17-$40.
You Must Order: Start your adventure with the sweetbread, crab, apple, horseradish, sorrel ($19). After that, we suggest the suckling pig, white turnip, fiddlehead, marrow, cherries ($40). Enjoy with a glass of Jean-Marc Vincent, Santenay 1er cru ‘’le Beaurepaire’’ 2011 ($16.50).
Need to Know … from Lee Man of Vancouver Magazine: “A perfect blend of Quebec open friendliness with real rigour and professionalism. The food is always focused and sharp in execution. The service and the room has a thread of formality that is surprisingly refreshing — an ode to a different time, and makes each meal there feel special and feted.”

Peter Neal of Neal Bros. says: “This is my favourite restaurant in Montreal. It is ageless and full of old-world charm. The warmth of the room and the incredible service have always set the stage for a long and chilled evening. The staff is incredibly well-versed with the food and the sommeliers are both knowledgeable and unpretentious. I have had at least a dozen meals here and loved every one.”

Food journalist Robert Beauchemin says: “This is a place where food matters. And skills in the kitchen. And delicate attention in the dining room. But all these qualities do not mean that the place is for snobs. Despite the cost, it is an easy-going luxury dining experience, one that contrasts agreeably with all the new hipster-oriented places that pop up everywhere (for a few months) and then disappear without a trace.”

Food journalist Amy Sherman says: “A hip, yet comfortable, eclectic, fun and sometimes wildly creative cuisine.”