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Dailo, Toronto » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Dailo, Toronto

DAILO, Toronto, Ontario

Chef: Nick Liu
Website: dailoto.com. Cuisine: Chinese
Telephone: 647-341-8882. Twitter/Instagram: @dailoto
2015 Rank: 41 (new entry)
Price Range: $4-$55 for share plates, with most under $20; $55 for chef’s choice.
You Must Order: Olliffe’s 9-day aged 12-ounce ribeye steak with bok choy, radish, pickled mushroom and Asian chimichurri ($44).
Need to Know … from Food Bloggers of Canada Managing Director Ethan Adeland: When there are fried things on the menu, you have piqued my interest. When it's fried watermelon, you have my attention! A great spot on College Street in Toronto with so many interesting and unique dishes that are meant for sharing amongst friends. The servers and runners do a terrific job of explaining every dish with the precision needed from the kitchen.”