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Espana, Vancouver » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Espana, Vancouver

 ESPANA, Vancouver, British Columbia

Chef/owner: Neil Taylor (co-owned by Edward Perrow)
Website: www.espanarestaurant.ca. Cuisine: Spanish tapas.
Telephone: 604-558-4040. Twitter: @espanayvr
2014 Rank: 31
Price Range: Small plates, $7-$12 for most dishes.
You Must Order: Grilled Octopus & Chorizo ($12), with sun-dried olive and caper bread salad.
Need to Know … from Bartender Shaun Layton of L’Abattoir: “I’ve never had a bad dish here. From service, value, food quality, service, atmosphere and beverage, arguably the best in the city.”