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Farmer's Apprentice, Vancouver » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Farmer's Apprentice, Vancouver

FARMER’S APPRENTICE, Vancouver, British Columbia

farmers apprentice-vancouver

Farmer’s Apprentice has surpassed several Vancouver favourites in its first year of existence. (Farmer’s Apprentice photo)

Chef: David Gunawan (co-owned with Dara Young)
Website: www.farmersapprentice.ca. 
Cuisine:Pacific Northwest
Telephone: 604-620-2070. Twitter: @gunawan_dave
Instagram: @FarmApprentice
2015 Rank: 18. 2014 Rank: 4
Price range: $4-$18; small plates
You Must Order: Menu changes weekly, but try the Curried Carrots ($13) if they’re on the menu.

Need to Know … from Lee Man of Vancouver Magazine: “Consistently the most daring menu in the city — pushes the envelope in how a menu is put together. Execution is flawless — with a kitchen that takes up almost the same square footage at the dining room — the result is a uniquely personal dialogue between the chef and diner.

Slow food advocates David Kirkwood and Sarah Crawford say: “The truly seasonal and farm-to-table experience expressed in a distinctly modern and Vancouver idiom. It all starts with the intimate, welcoming and casual hip/rustic space allowing for neighbourhood walk-ins as well as food fans from afar. The ingredients lean to coastal offerings sourced well and carefully in small dishes that are subtle and exciting at once. Don't expect to see lots of things you've eaten before. The servers are warm, eager to please, smart and passionate about the food. The young chefs, visible in the open kitchen, are focused and serious and they turn out culinary treats on the ever-changing menu.”

Kasey Wilson, host of radio’s “Best of Food and Wine Show,” says: “Singapore-born David Gunawan is part of the new breed of young Vancouver chefs. He has been classically trained, has a European pedigree and is using that knowledge to break the boundaries of the familiar Vancouver dining scene.”

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