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Hawksworth, Vancouver » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Hawksworth, Vancouver

HAWKSWORTH, Vancouver, British Columbia

hawksworth oysters

Fresh, sweet oysters are a treat at Hawksworth, a restaurant of refined cuisine and service. (Adrian Brijbassi/Vacay.ca)

Chef/owner: David Hawksworth
Website: www.hawksworthrestaurant.com.
Cuisine: French, Pacific Northwest
Telephone: 604-673-7000. Twitter:@HawksworthRest
2015 Rank: 5
2014 Rank:
2013 Rank: 12 
2012 Rank: 21
Price Range: $29-$40 for main courses
You Must Order: Pacific Sablefish, lap cheong, soy braised daikon, pickled shiitake, crispy yam ($38).
Need to Know … from Lee Man of Vancouver Magazine: “The team at Hawksworth is really getting into its groove. There is a more at-ease feel — but delivered with the same rigour and attention to detail. Chinese and Indian influences find their way onto the menu in an unforced manner, reflecting local ethnic-driven flavours through the prism of French technique.”

Food Bloggers of Canada Managing Director Ethan Adeland says: “After all the accolades over the years and the reputation of chef David Hawksworth, you wonder if the food and experience will live up to the hype. And it most certainly does. From the moment you walk into the Hotel Georgia’s flagship restaurant, everything points to a wonderful meal in your future. From the service to the decor and of course the menu, everything was terrific. The lamb shank entree I had was braised with love for hours and was perfectly fork tender. Deserving of the attention is has received and continues to receive.”

Kasey Wilson, host of radio’s “Best of Food and Wine Show,” says: “A contemporary space that showcases modern art luminaries such as Rodney Graham. The food is equally artful and forward thinking, although well-grounded in classical techniques, offering flights of edible fancy in Hawksworth’s take on haute cuisine.”

Food writer Taryn Hearn says: “Hawksworth takes quality Pacific ingredients and makes very interesting meals. I've had both the tasting menu and a a la carte meal. The food was cooked perfectly (I've never had such perfect tuna) and delicious. The drink matching was interesting and showcased BC wines. I really liked the cocktail list that respects the history of the Hotel Georgia.”

Steve Dolinsky of ABC Chicago says: “Luxe, to the max. Elegance without pretension, and technical precision without stuffiness. Remarkable presentation that's not too overwrought.