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Richmond Station, Toronto » Canada's Top 50 Restaurants List

Richmond Station, Toronto

RICHMOND STATION, Toronto, Ontario

Chef: Carl Heinrich
Website: richmondstation.ca. Cuisine: North American
Telephone: 647-748-1444. Twitter: @RichmondStn
2015 Rank: 25. 
2014 Rank: 65
Price Range: $20-$26 for main dishes.
You Must Order: Stn. Burger ($20).
Need to Know … from Peter Neal of Neal Bros.:I often refer to this as the most incredible restaurant run by 'kids’ — I don't think there is a full-timer, let alone owner, over the age of 30! Yet with all of this youth they seem to be able to knock it out of the park without taking themselves too seriously. They have a great understanding of local source and terroir. They put care and energy into things like butchering and aging their own meats (starting with whole animal). I know this restaurant also works hard to give back to their community, which makes every meal even more tasty to me.”

John Placko, Culinary Director of Modern Culinary Academy, says: “I must admit I'm a real dessert person so the attraction to RS are the desserts by wondered Fallah Farzam. Playful desserts with childhood memories of flavours. His techniques are precise, fun and utterly wonderful textures in every dessert. Having said that the savoury food at RS is also wonderful. Simple plating but serious flavours in all the dishes. My favourite savoury dish there was the beef ravioli with caramelized beans and soft egg as well as the charcuterie platter. The favourite dessert — cotton candy sorbet, blueberry, cherry, eclair slices, meringue. Brilliant.”

Ontario Tourism Culinary Alliance Executive Director Rebecca LeHeup says: “My favourite go-to lunch spot with a focus on local and seasonal fare. Desserts are off the charts and customer service is outstanding.”